Nicole T Dawson

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PURPOSE Little is known about the illness experience from the perspective of individuals with dementia (IWDs), as most quantitative research has focused on IWDs' psychosocial issues from proxy reports. The primary aim of this study was to better understand the impact of the illness experience on well-being from the perspective of the IWD through the(More)
Several ethical considerations emerge when conducting research with memory-impaired individuals, including the individuals' ability to comprehend and accurately respond to survey questions. However, little empirical research exists on how to format surveys to decrease cognitive demands, thereby allowing researchers to more accurately survey this population.(More)
This study examined turnover of community mental health workers in 42 randomly selected mental health agencies in Ohio. The turnover rate in 2011 was 26 %. A regression analysis indicated that agencies with lower turnover offered higher maximum pay and were smaller in size, while those offering career advancement opportunities, such as career ladder(More)
PURPOSE OF STUDY Due to changing cognitive and functional capabilities, individuals with dementia face challenging care-related issues such as feelings of embarrassment, relationship strain, and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Limited research exists examining individuals with dementia's perceptions and concerns about these issues and how their(More)
This is the first study to examine direct service worker turnover and its predictors across three provider types: nursing homes, home health agencies, and providers of services for the developmentally disabled. Stratified random sampling procedures were used to select provider types across five geographic regions in Ohio. Data were collected from(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Individuals with dementia (IWDs) experience difficulties across cognitive and functional domains. Nonpharmacological interventions aimed at reducing disability are greatly needed. Exercise is a low-cost and easily implemented approach, but investigation has yielded mixed evidence to date. The purpose of the current study was to(More)
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