Nicole Strauss

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One hundred cases of self-injury, comprising 39 self-cutters and 61 self-poisoners, were interviewed when they became able to describe the act: 83 in a casualty department, 17 in a hospital. Standardized recordings were made of their feeling state before and after the act, together with an account of the social circumstances under which it occurred. The(More)
In posttherapy interviews with 31 clients who had recently terminated from individual open-ended psychodynamic-interpersonal psychotherapy, 18 reported having had at least 1 corrective relational experience (CRE) during psychotherapy, whereas 13 did not report any CREs. CREs typically occurred in the context of therapeutic relationships that were primarily(More)
Fetal movements (FM) may be spontaneous, originating in the fetus itself, or evoked, caused by external stimuli. The FM in 21 normal twin pregnancies at 10 and 21 weeks of gestation were studied. The percentage rate of evoked FM which occur simultaneously in both twins was 4.96% of all observed FM. The rate of the spontaneous FM which occur independently in(More)
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