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The Undersea Network
In our "wireless" world it is easy to take the importance of the undersea cable systems for granted, but the stakes of their successful operation are huge, as they are responsible for carrying almostExpand
Evaluating automatically generated location-based stories for tourists
A first evaluation of these narratives and the WikEar interface reported promising, but not conclusive, results; ideas for future work that will use this feedback to improve the narratives are presented. Expand
WikEar: Automatically Generated Location-Based Audio Stories between Public City Maps
Data mined from Wikipedia is automatically organized according to principles derived from narrative theory to woven into an educational audio tours starting and ending at stationary city maps, which avoids the costs of GPS and the interaction problems of small screen map programs. Expand
The materiality of media heat
It is not surprising that temperature has been used so often to conceptualize media and communication, both colloquially—from freeze-frames to WiFi hotspots—and across media and cultural theory.Expand
‘Movements that are drawn’: A history of environmental animation from The Lorax to FernGully to Avatar
This article surveys the history of environmental animation and charts the aesthetic possibilities it offers for environmental representation, in order to prompt a reconsideration of indexicalExpand
Generating Educational Tourism Narratives from Wikipedia
A narrative theory-based approach to data mining that generates cohesive stories from a Wikipedia corpus based on a data mining-friendly view of narrative derived from narratology, and uses a prototype mining algorithm that implements this view. Expand
Warning: Do Not Dig’: Negotiating the Visibility of Critical Infrastructures
By examining the cultural conflicts over cables in California and O‘ahu, the article shows how telecommunications companies reorganize visual space to protect the cable, using diverse media such as nautical charts and warning signs. Expand
Antarctica as Cultural Critique: The Gendered Politics of Scientific Exploration and Climate Change by Elena Glasberg (review)
“We are in the midst of a new kind of Ice Age,” Elena Glasberg observes at the outset of Antarctica as Cultural Critique (xii). Unprecedented attention has been directed at the poles in recent years,Expand
Signal Traffic: Critical Studies of Media Infrastructures
The contributors to Signal Traffic investigate how the material artifacts of media infrastructure--transoceanic cables, mobile telephone towers, Internet data centers, and the like--intersect withExpand