Nicole Stadie

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The aim of the single case study was to evaluate two different treatment procedures to improve reading skills with a German-speaking deep dyslexic. Generally, in treatment studies for deep dyslexia, retraining of grapheme-phoneme correspondences is described, but hardly any treatment focuses on reactivating residual functions of the semantic-lexical route.(More)
The presence or absence of generalization after treatment can provide important insights into the functional relationship between cognitive processes. The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between the cognitive processes that underlie sentence comprehension and production in aphasia. Using data from seven participants who took(More)
Agrammatism is-among others, characterized by a deficit in producing grammatical structures. Of specific difficulty is the utilization of complex, non-canonical sentence structures (e.g. object-questions, passives, object-clefts). Several studies have documented positive effects when applying a specific treatment protocol in terms of increasingly correct(More)
Exploring generalisation following treatment of language deficits in aphasia can provide insights into the functional relation of the cognitive processing systems involved. In the present study, we first review treatment outcomes of interventions targeting sentence processing deficits and, second report a treatment study examining the occurrence of practice(More)
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