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The nos (nitrous oxide reductase) operon of Paracoccus denitrificans contains a nosX gene homologous to those found in the nos operons of other denitrifiers. NosX is also homologous to NirX, which is so far unique to P. denitrificans. Single mutations of these genes did not result in any apparent phenotype, but a double nosX nirX mutant was unable to reduce(More)
Abnormally reduced uncrossed retinofugal pathways and abnormally low retinal cell densities have been described in albinos of a number of species of eutherian mammal, but have not been studied in marsupials. The optic chiasm of marsupials differs from that of the eutherian brains that have been studied, with uncrossed fibres segregating from crossed fibres(More)
Cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase catalyses the conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide in the nitrogen cycle. The crystal structure of the oxidized enzyme shows that the d1 haem iron of the active site is ligated by His/Tyr side chains, and the c haem iron is ligated by a His/His ligand pair. Here we show that both haems undergo re-ligation during catalysis.(More)
We applied two-dimensional gel electrophoresis to identify downstream effectors of CPH1 and EFG1 under hypha-inducing conditions in Candida albicans. Among the proteins that were expressed in wild-type cells but were strongly downregulated in a cph1Delta/efg1Delta double mutant in alpha-minimal essential medium at 37 degrees C, we could identify(More)
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