Nicole Sasse

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We present a first attempt to evaluate the generic topological principles underlying the mammalian transcriptional regulatory networks. Transcription networks, TN, studied here are represented as graphs where vertices are genes coding for transcription factors and edges are causal links between the genes, each edge combining both gene expression and(More)
EndoNet is a new database that provides information about the components of endocrine networks and their relations. It focuses on the endocrine cell-to-cell communication and enables the analysis of intercellular regulatory pathways in humans. In the EndoNet data model, two classes of components span a bipartite directed graph. One class represents the(More)
EndoNet is an information resource about intercellular regulatory communication. It provides information about hormones, hormone receptors, the sources (i.e. cells, tissues and organs) where the hormones are synthesized and secreted, and where the respective receptors are expressed. The database focuses on the regulatory relations between them. An(More)
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