Nicole S. McKinney

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Eph receptors and ephrin ligands are master regulators of oncogenic signaling required for proliferation, migration, and metastasis. Yet, Eph/ephrin expression and activity in medulloblastoma (MB), the most common malignant brain tumor of childhood, remains poorly defined. We hypothesized that Eph/ephrins are differentially expressed by sonic hedgehog (SHH)(More)
Development of student leadership capacity and efficacy is critical to the nursing profession, and vital to this process is a strong foundation in critical thinking that includes a depth of understanding of self (i.e., authentic leadership development). This article will (a) present a theoretical overview of authentic leadership as compared with other(More)
BACKGROUND Transformational leadership skills are critical to operate effectively in today's healthcare environment. Prelicensure nurses do not often practice these skills in a meaningful way during their undergraduate educational experience. OBJECTIVES This paper describes quantitative pre-post findings from the Kouzes and Posner Student Leadership(More)
Emotional competency is a skill commonly overlooked within the nursing curriculum. However, with the complexity of the health care environment and increased emphasis on team collaboration, nurse educators who focus on health promotion and technical, medical, and organizational competencies need to consider adding a focus on soft skills, such as emotional(More)
Leadership content and pedagogical strategies are fundamental to health professionals’ education. All health professionals must be able to lead effectively and thrive in today’s complex health systems. Students must be involved in meaningful didactic and experiential leadership development early in their academic progression, and educators are positioned to(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine if, among 32 brain injured adults in community rehabilitation programs, there is a statistically significant relationship between the degree of severity of brain injury and these adults’ level of self-esteem and stress. The researcher hypothesized there would be a statistically significant difference and a(More)
PURPOSE Professional nurses are taking on leadership roles of diverse healthcare teams. Development of conflict competence is essential, yet requires self-awareness and deliberate effort. Heightened awareness of one's preferred conflict style and cognizance of the implications of overuse and/or underuse of these styles is important. DESIGN/METHODOLOGICAL(More)
Prelicensure nursing students must be prepared to address the new challenges that will confront them in the modern health care environment. Leadership development, the gaining of tools and education about the process of influencing and persuading others, is important when working with groups and teams in the work place. Recognition of one's personality(More)
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