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This study explores the emergence of triadic interactions through the example of book sharing. As part of a naturalistic study, 10 infants were visited in their homes from 3-12 months. We report that (1) book sharing as a form of infant-caregiver-object interaction occurred from as early as 3 months. Using qualitative video analysis at a micro-level(More)
In a series of exploratory experiments we investigated interrelations between structure and shape of architectural indoor spaces on the one hand, and affective experience and navigation behaviour on the other hand. For this, isovist-based descriptions of 16 virtual indoor scenes were correlated with behavioural data from the experimental tasks. For all(More)
Spatial properties of architecture as well as of open environments influence subjective experience and spatial behaviour. Several theories, mainly originating from environmental psychology, see human behaviour and experience in close interdependence with the spatial structure of environments. For example, evolution-based theories of environmental(More)
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