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Contrastive Focus Reduplication in English (The Salad-Salad Paper)
This paper presents a phenomenon of colloquial English that we call Contrastive Reduplication (CR), involving the copying of words and sometimes phrases as in It's tuna salad, not SALAD-salad, or DoExpand
Boys, Bullying, and Gender Roles: How Hegemonic Masculinity Shapes Bullying Behavior
During adolescence, schools and peers are salient agents of gender socialization. Specifically, bullying is a common experience for many adolescents. While existing research has examined how bullyingExpand
French‐Algonquian interaction in Canada: A Michif case study
  • Nicole Rosen
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Clinical linguistics & phonetics
  • 1 January 2008
This paper discusses the language contact situation between Algonquian languages and French in Canada. Michif, a French‐Plains Cree mixed language, is used as a case study for linguistic results ofExpand
Comparative studies of the differences between North-American varieties of French (NAF) and Standard French (SF) reveal that most variation is found in the lexical and phonological systems. This typeExpand
Stop consonant production of French immersion students in Western Canada: A study of voice onset time
Objectives/research questions: The present study investigates the development of French stop consonants among English-speaking children who are enrolled in an early French immersion program inExpand
Domains in Michif Phonology (2007)
This thesis outlines major aspects of the phonological grammar of Michif, a language created out of French-Cree language contact in the nineteenth century in Manitoba. Expand
Searching for standard French: The construction and mining of the Recueil historique des grammaires du français
Abstract This paper describes a massive project to characterize “Standard French” by constructing and mining the Recueil historique des grammaires du français (RHGF), a corpus of grammars whoseExpand
Getting the right grasp on executive function
Executive Function (EF) refers to important socio-emotional and cognitive skills that are known to be highly correlated with both academic and life success. EF is a blanket term that is considered toExpand
Speech in action: degree of hand preference for grasping predicts speech articulation competence in children
Highlights: Degree of lateralization for grasping predicts the maturity of the language production system in young, typically-developing children. In this report we provide compelling evidence forExpand
Domains in Michif phonology