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BACKGROUND Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a potent anti-inflammatory cytokine, with therapeutic applications in several autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Oral administration of this cytokine alone, or in combination with disease-associated autoantigens could confer protection form the onset of a specific autoimmune disease through the induction of oral(More)
BACKGROUND Among disposable bioreactor systems, cylindrical orbitally shaken bioreactors show important advantages. They provide a well-defined hydrodynamic flow combined with excellent mixing and oxygen transfer for mammalian and plant cell cultivations. Since there is no known universal correlation between the volumetric mass transfer coefficient for(More)
More and more plant cell suspension cultures are regarded as an attractive alternative to mammalian cells as host organism for production of complex recombinant proteins. The most important advantages of the production platform are low costs, easy scalability and enhanced safety by complete lack of animal components in the cultivation media. In order to(More)
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