Nicole Rassi

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Approximately 50% of Wistar "BB" rats spontaneously develop overt diabetes mellitus characterized by loss of beta-cells and "insulitis." To define abnormalities of immunoregulation in these rats, we quantitated their major circulating lymphocyte subsets. Independent of the development of diabetes, we found the BB rats to have a markedly increased percentage(More)
Valeriana officinalis extracts are used in folkloric medicine for their sedative, hypnotic and tranquilizer effects. Using [3H]flunitrazepam binding as an indicator, the interactions of commercial Valerian extracts with GABA(A) receptors were examined. There was considerable fluctuation among the different extracts, some mildly enhanced [3H]flunitrazepam(More)
The BB rat has a marked T cell lymphocytopenia, with a near absence of peripheral "helper" T cells recognized by monoclonal antibody W3/25 (W3/25+ T cells). The lymphocytes of the BB rat's spleen and thymus were examined for the presence of W3/25+ T cells, which were found to be absent in the spleen but present in normal amounts in the thymus. Concanavalin(More)
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