Nicole R Bell

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Many previous studies have shown that background color affects the discriminability and appearance of color stimuli. However, research on visual search has not typically considered the role that the background may play. Rosenholtz (2001a) has suggested that color search asymmetries result from the relationship between the stimuli and the background. Here we(More)
Wound healing is an intricate process involving the interaction of cells and molecules, resulting in a complex series of events that change the morphology and characteristics of the wounded area. Interactive animations are useful for illustrating challenging concepts, helping students learn and retain new material. Instructional PowerPoint presentations(More)
We propose a new approach to the LHC dark matter search analysis within the effective field theory (EFT) framework by utilising the K-matrix unitarisation formalism. This approach provides a reasonable estimate of the dark matter production cross section at high energies, and hence allows reliable bounds to be placed on the cut-off scale of relevant(More)
The existence of a neutrino magnetic moment implies contributions to the neutrino mass via radiative corrections. We derive model-independent "naturalness" upper bounds on the magnetic moments of Dirac neutrinos, generated by physics above the electroweak scale. The neutrino mass receives a contribution from higher order operators, which are renormalized by(More)
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