Nicole Navarro

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In this study, we developed a quantitative method with digital image analysis to evaluate the degree of gingival overgrowth (GO), and compared GO in kidney transplant patients treated with cyclosporin A (CsA) (n = 21) or CsA+nifedipine (n = 8) and a group of healthy controls (n = 30). The method was reproducible and reliable. Our findings showed significant(More)
Although the expression of Pitx2, a bicoid family homeodomain transcription factor, is highly regulated during hematopoiesis, its function during this process was not documented; we thus studied hematopoiesis in Pitx2-null mice. We found that Pitx2(-/-) embryos display hypoplastic livers with reduced numbers of hematopoietic cells, but these cells had(More)
During a search to identify resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene, RV) target genes in the human erythroleukemic K562 cell line, we show here that the tensin gene and protein levels are remarkably induced by this dietary polyphenol. Tensin, a cell-matrix adhesion protein binding the integrins and cytoskeletal actin filaments also interacts with(More)
This study evaluated the postprandial (PP) response to an oral fat load in 28 male patients with type 2 diabetes (mean HbA1c of 5.1%), all receiving metformin and performing physical exercise, compared with healthy subjects. The effects of micronized fenofibrate (200 mg once daily) on triglycerides (TG) and retinyl palmitate (RP) responses, lipoprotein mass(More)
The proliferation rate in livers of 120 mice (60 males and 60 females) was analyzed by immunohistochemical detection of bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) incorporation and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression on ethanol-fixed/paraffin-embedded specimens. Mice were divided into three groups, with 20 males and 20 females in each group: mice in the(More)
Pre-training administration of scopolamine (SCP) resembles situations of cholinergic dysfunction, leading to memory impairment of mice trained in an inhibitory avoidance task. We suggest here that SCP does not impair memory formation, but acquisition is affected in a way that reduces the strength of the stored memory, thus making this memory less able to(More)
The influence of immunosuppressant therapy and of the presence of CMV genome on the distribution of lymphoid subpopulations of the inflammatory infiltrate in renal graft rejection was analyzed, as was the role of both factors in the evolution and survival of the graft. The study included 22 patients treated with Cyclosporin A (CsA) and 22 patients treated(More)
Persistence is an attribute of long-term memories (LTM) that has recently caught researcher's attention in search for mechanisms triggered by experience that assure memory perdurability. Up-to-date, scarce evidence of relationship between reconsolidation and persistence has been described. Here, we characterized hippocampal ERK participation in LTM(More)
We report a case of vascular leiomyoma of the bladder in a 62-year-old man. To our knowledge, this is the first ultrastructural study published on vascular leiomyoma of the bladder. The tumoral cells reproduced the smooth muscle cells. The vascular structures corresponded to capillaries and arterioles. We consider that the vascular component is not tumoral(More)