Nicole Natho

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Particularly with regard to the widespread use of the internet, the increasing amount of scientific publications creates new requirements for sophisticated information retrieval systems. The discovery of semantic annotation for describing mathematical texts themselves and the structure of the observed mathematical field is an important issue supporting such(More)
Im Rahmen des Studienreformprojektes Galilea [3] wurde ein erster Bachelorstudiengang, " Naturwissenschaften in der Informationsgesellschaft " konzipiert, der die oben genannten Aspekte verbindet. Ein Hauptziel ist die Erhöhung des Anteils weiblicher Studierender in einem naturwissenschaftlichen Studiengang. Abstract Academic education of engineers and(More)
Digital electronics is a fundamental course in electrical engineering and many information technology programs, as well as most other science programs. In this paper, we present web-based system aimed at teaching logic design concepts and practices for computer science and engineering students implemented using LabVIEW. Experiments, which include digital(More)
— At TU Berlin the number of students in major classes for students in their first semesters easily exceeds 2.000 in a single course (Calculus I for engineering students, for example). Due to this large number of students, simple organizational duties such as assigning exercise courses to students or tracking admission criteria for final exams become(More)