Nicole Nasby-Lucas

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A young of the year female white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, was tagged with a pop-up satellite archival tag off Southern California in early June of 2000. The tag was recovered after 28 days, and records of temperature, depth and light intensity were extracted. Depth and temperature records indicate a number of interesting behaviors, including a strong(More)
Swordfish are highly specialized top-level predators that have been challenging to study. In this paper, data from 31 pop-up satellite archival tags attached to swordfish from (i) the eastern Pacific, (ii) central Pacific, and (iii) western North Atlantic-Caribbean were analyzed. Common across locations was a pronounced diel vertical pattern with daytime(More)
BACKGROUND Although much is known about the behavior of white sharks in coastal regions, very little is known about their vertical movements offshore in the eastern Pacific where they spend up to five months. We provide the first detailed description of the offshore habitat use of white sharks in the eastern North Pacific. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS(More)
Satellite tagging programs have provided detailed information about the migratory patterns of northeastern Pacific white sharks, revealing a seasonal migration between a vast offshore region and coastal aggregation sites. Although adult males undergo annual round-trip migrations, photo-identification programs have noted that sexually mature females may only(More)
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