Nicole McMahon

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Melanoma responds poorly to standard chemotherapy due to its intrinsic chemoresistance. Multiple genetic and molecular defects, including an activating mutation in the BRaf kinase gene, are associated with melanoma, and the resulting alterations in signal transduction pathways regulating proliferation and apoptosis are thought to contribute to its(More)
The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between personality and videogame player types. Study participants completed an online survey that gathered information regarding the individual's personality, via the Big Five Inventory, and player types. The study was focused on understanding this relationship in the context of the action role-playing(More)
Studies have suggested that a repressive coping style, characterized by defensiveness against negative emotions, may be related to several adverse health outcomes. This study examined whether repressive coping is associated with blood lipids, and whether this association is influenced by age or sex. One hundred fourteen healthy adults completed the(More)
This paper focuses on examining play activities in people's favourite videogame experience. Through interviews with 30 videogame players we discovered which types of play activities are most appealing. Our research identifies the level of appeal of a wide range of game play activities. We have established that high levels of engagement for many participants(More)
Automation of shear-wave splitting parameter determination of local earthquakes at Yellowstone : application as indicator of crustal stress and temporal variation ", Master's Thesis, This thesis, " Automation of shear-wave splitting parameter determination of local earthquakes at Yellowstone: Application as indicator of crustal stress and temporal(More)
Quantum mechanics and the theory of gravity are presently not compatible. A particular question is whether gravity causes decoherence. Several models for gravitational decoherence have been proposed, not all of which can be described quantum mechanically. Since quantum mechanics may need to be modified, one may question the use of quantum mechanics as a(More)
Creating better gameplay experiences is dependent upon understand the act of gameplay. An expert focus group of games researchers, designers and players refined 16 activity categories from an existing list of 30 commonly used videogame challenges. Identifying categories of play activities has future potential to facilitate better research design and game(More)
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