Nicole Margaret Phillips

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UNLABELLED AIMS To describe a funded proposal for the development of an on-line evidence based educational program for the management of deteriorating patients. BACKGROUND There are international concerns regarding the management of deteriorating patients with issues around the 'failure to rescue'. The primary response to these issues has been the(More)
BACKGROUND Patient safety depends on nurses' clinical judgment. In post-anaesthetic care, objective scoring systems are commonly used to help nurses assess when a patient is ready to go back to the ward or be discharged home after day surgery. Although there are several criteria used to assess patient readiness for discharge from the post-anaesthetic care(More)
These abstracts are copied directly fromthe online submission system and edited for uniformity of format. Authors are invited and given at least a fortnight to notify the sub-editor of amendments. Background Ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) is used to identify white coat hypertension (WCH). Some individuals however have mean daytime BP >135/85 mmHg on ABPM(More)
We describe the isolation and characterisation of microsatellite loci for Pagrus auratus and cross amplification in another sparid, Acanthopagrus butcheri. Of 35 loci tested, 12 appear to be appropriate for population genetic studies of P. auratus, which are essential to inform management responses to evidence of overexploitation of this species. Three were(More)
INTRODUCTION While the risk of adverse events following surgery has been identified, the impact of nursing care on early detection of these events is not well established. A systematic review of the evidence and an expert consensus study in post-anaesthetic care identified essential criteria for nursing assessment of patient readiness for discharge from the(More)
Dedication This thesis is dedicated to my family without whose endless supply of unconditional love, support, and encouragement I would still be scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins. And to my fiance, Karen, for selflessly enduring the long years (and late hours). I promise you won't regret it. ii Acknowledgments I thank my advisor Ulrich Neumann for his(More)
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