Nicole Mareno

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AIM This article is a report of an analysis of the concept of parental perception of child weight. BACKGROUND Perception is commonly studied, but lacks a strong conceptual definition. Concept analysis is important in providing a conceptual definition of parental perception of child weight. DESIGN Rodgers's evolutionary view of concept analysis guided(More)
AIM Childhood overweight and obesity is unacceptably high in industrialised nations. School-based interventions have largely been atheoretical and ineffective. This study aimed to test a new theory-based protocol for its effects on measures of fitness and body mass index (BMI), and its proposed psychosocial mediators, during elementary after-school(More)
Although genetic induction of factor VIII (FVIII) expression in platelets can restore hemostasis in hemophilia A mice, this approach has not been studied in the clinical setting of preexisting FVIII inhibitory antibodies to determine whether such antibodies would affect therapeutic engraftment. We generated a line of transgenic mice (2bF8) that express(More)
PURPOSE The study sought to determine if race/ethnicity, age, gender, and poverty index influence the development of overweight (OW) or obesity (OB) in children 6-11 years of age and whether a desirable time to intervene could be established. METHODS A descriptive and comparative analysis was conducted using data from the 1999-2008 National Health and(More)
PURPOSE This paper aims to design a culturally appropriate weight management intervention for high-risk Latino families and to examine the feasibility of recruiting program participants. DESIGN AND METHODS A descriptive design using qualitative and quantitative data collected during preliminary phases of an ongoing intervention study. RESULTS From the(More)
The use of Audience Response Systems (ARS) or 'clickers' as an active learning strategy in nursing education has been steadily on the rise. ARS technology allows the dynamic engagement of students in the classroom by providing immediate two-way communication between faculty and students. ARS can be used to explore knowledge and common misconceptions, act as(More)
A lack of satisfaction with one's body is common among women with obesity, often prompting unhealthy "dieting." Beyond typically slow improvements in weight and body composition, behavioral factors might also affect change in body satisfaction. Age and race/ethnicity (African American vs. White) might moderate such change. Obese women (N = 246; M(age) = 43(More)
PURPOSE This article presents the feasibility and acceptability of the 4-week Ways to Enhance Children's Activities and Nutrition (WE CAN) program. DESIGN AND METHOD Mixed methods were utilized. Quantitative data were collected from Latina mothers using self-administered surveys. RESULTS The program was positively received, although attrition was a(More)
Effective and reliable obesity treatments are lacking because of a poor understanding of the health behavior change process. Community-based organizations with the capacity to train existing staff members are particularly well-positioned to implement evidence-based treatment protocols to impact obesity-related behaviors such as unhealthy eating and lack of(More)
AIM To compare the level of cultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and comfort of nurses with undergraduate and graduate degrees when encountering patients from diverse populations. BACKGROUND Cultural competency is a core curriculum standard in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Assessing cultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and comfort among(More)