Nicole M Sedaka

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CONTEXT The effect of obesity and concomitant insulin resistance on pubertal development is incompletely elucidated. OBJECTIVE To determine how measures of adiposity and insulin resistance are associated with pubertal maturation in boys and girls. SETTING AND DESIGN Breast and pubic hair Tanner stage and testicular volume by orchidometry were determined(More)
BACKGROUND Both insufficiency and resistance to the actions of the adipocyte-derived hormone leptin promote hunger, increased food intake and greater body weight. Some studies suggest that adults reporting binge eating have increased serum leptin compared with those without binge eating, even after adjusting for the greater adiposity that characterizes(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the characteristic meal patterns of adolescents with and without loss of control (LOC) eating episodes. METHOD The Eating Disorder Examination was administered to assess self-reported LOC and frequency of meals consumed in an aggregated sample of 574 youths (12-17 years; 66.6% female; 51.2% Caucasian; BMI-z: 1.38 ± 1.11), among whom(More)
BACKGROUND The influence of insulin and insulin resistance (IR) on children's weight and fat gain is unclear. OBJECTIVE To evaluate insulin and IR as predictors of weight and body fat gain in children at high risk for adult obesity. We hypothesized that baseline IR would be positively associated with follow-up body mass index (BMI) and fat mass. (More)
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