Nicole M. Radziwill

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The software development process in Green Bank is managed in six-week development cycles, where two cycles fall within one quarter. Each cycle, a Plan of Record is devised which outlines the team's commitments, deliverables, technical leads and scientific sponsors. To be productive and efficient, the team must not only be able to track its progress towards(More)
Although involvement in art and design have been shown to play an essential role in catalyzing STEM research, true integration is still an area of active research. The realization of STEM education via STEAM lends itself to interactive and participatory dialogic art; this juncture provides a nonjudgmental space to cultivate the question-making aspect of(More)
The enterprise architecture presents a view of how software utilities and applications are related to one another under unifying rules and principles of development. By constructing an enterprise architecture, an organization will be able to manage the components of its systems within a solid conceptual framework. This largely prevents duplication of(More)
A rule-based approach to data quality provides for efficient and extensible solutions in validating data sets. A working prototype proves that CLIPS, a trusted rules engine, can integrate with existing data processing libraries through PyCLIPS, resulting in a system which isolates data quality rules from programming logic to allow for parallel development(More)
Declarative styles such as functional programming (FP) are rapidly gaining ground on their imperative cousins, including procedural and object-oriented programming. The shift is subtle because it is happening within the context of multiparadigm programming languages such as JavaScript. FP is better suited to modern processes like test-driven development(More)
Since 2003, the monitor and control software systems for the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) have been redesigned to make the telescope easier to use. The result is the release of the As-tronomer's integrated desktop (Astrid), an observation management platform used to create and submit scheduling blocks, monitor their progress on the telescope,(More)
This exploratory study used the R Statistical Software to perform Monte Carlo simulation of time maps, which characterize events based on the elapsed time since the last event and the time that will transpire until the next event, and compare them to time maps from real Twitter users. Time maps are used to explore differences in the interarrival patterns of(More)
Chatbots are one class of intelligent, conversational software agents activated by natural language input (which can be in the form of text, voice, or both). They provide conversational output in response, and if commanded, can sometimes also execute tasks. Although chatbot technologies have existed since the 1960's and have influenced user interface(More)
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