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We used field surveys and multi-factorial experiments to examine synergistic effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and low tide conditions on the embryonic mortality of two bubble-shell snail species that deposit gelatinous egg masses in intertidal mudflats: Haminoea zelandiae from New Zealand, and Haminoea vesicula from Washington, USA. Egg masses of both(More)
INTRODUCTION Patient participation in healthcare is recognised internationally as essential for consumer-centric, high-quality healthcare delivery. Its measurement as part of continuous quality improvement requires development of agreed standards and measurable indicators. AIM This systematic review sought to identify strategies to measure patient(More)
IMPLICATIONS In this case report, we describe the postoperative occurrence of electrocardiogram changes suggestive for the Brugada syndrome in a patient receiving a continuous epidural bupivacaine infusion. After withdrawal of bupivacaine, the electrocardiogram changes were reversible. The patient's history was unremarkable except for an incomplete right(More)
PURPOSE To further the understanding of diabetic heart disease, we tested the hypothesis that an asymptomatic group of normotensive diabetic patients between 20 and 50 years old had a restrictive cardiomyopathy independent of clinically significant coronary artery disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS Quantitative two-dimensional echocardiography and stress(More)
UNLABELLED AIMS To describe a funded proposal for the development of an on-line evidence based educational program for the management of deteriorating patients. BACKGROUND There are international concerns regarding the management of deteriorating patients with issues around the 'failure to rescue'. The primary response to these issues has been the(More)
AIM This article is a report of a study examining the practices of acute care nurses when administering medication via enteral tubes. BACKGROUND Administering medication via enteral tubes is predominantly a nursing responsibility across countries. It is important to establish what nurses actually do when giving enteral medication to inform policy and(More)
BACKGROUND Early recognition and situation awareness of sudden patient deterioration, a timely appropriate clinical response, and teamwork are critical to patient outcomes. High fidelity simulated environments provide the opportunity for undergraduate nursing students to develop and refine recognition and response skills. OBJECTIVES This paper reports the(More)
AIM This systematic review aimed to determine the best available evidence regarding the effectiveness of nursing interventions in minimising the complications associated with administering medication via enteral tubes in adults. BACKGROUND Giving enteral medication is a fairly common nursing intervention entailing several skills: verifying tube position,(More)