Nicole Legros

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We have used human mammary cells of the MCF-7 strain, which constitutively express high levels of the small heat shock protein HSP27 and we have compared the changes in the phosphorylation status of this protein together with changes in cell growth and/or morphology induced by the action of one of the following agents: (1) TPA(More)
Incubation of MCF-7 cells with estradiol (E2) down-regulates estrogen receptor (ER) resulting in a progressive reduction of the capacity of cells to concentrate selectively [3H]E2. Scatchard plot analysis failed to detect any transformation of residual receptors into peptides of lower binding affinity. [3H]Estrone gave an identical ER disappearance pattern(More)
A range of tamoxifen derivatives substituted in the 4-position of the 1-phenyl ring are described. The key steps in the synthesis of 4-iodo-, 4-bromo-, and 4-(methylthio)tamoxifen were reactions of 1,2-diarylbutanones with the (4-halogenophenyl)lithium or [4-(methylthio)phenyl]magnesium bromide. Oxidized precursors of 4-(methylthio)tamoxifen were used to(More)
Two 11 beta-derivatives of estradiol (E2) were tested for their potential antiestrogenic activity in the MCF-7 breast cancer model: one contained a phenoxydimethylaminoethyl side-chain (RU 39,411), the other a pentafluoropentylsulfinyl side-chain (RU 58,668). The former compound displayed mixed estrogenic/antiestrogenic properties, while the latter(More)
15). 226 CANCER RESEARCH VOL.32 Research. on November 13, 2017. © 1972 American Association for Cancer Downloaded from Alloxan Diabetes in Rat Mammary Tumor Growth on the formation and growth of the tumors and to correlate it with the insulin dependence of individual tumors in organ culture. The effects of restriction of food(More)
Effect of estrogens and antiestrogens (AEs) on estrogen receptor (ER) half-life was analyzed in MCF-7 cells by assessing its progressive disappearance after covalent labeling in situ with [3H]tamoxifen aziridine ([3H]TAZ). Cells were incubated for 1 h with 20 nM [3H]TAZ either in the absence or presence of a 500-fold excess of unlabeled estradiol (E2)(More)
In MCF-7 cell culture, some sera endow estradiol-17 beta with strong growth promoting properties ("active" sera) while other fail to display this property ("inactive" sera). Passage from "inactive" to "active" sera are shown here to induce the appearance of a progestin binding capacity in the receptor negative line Evsa-T. Competition with various unlabeled(More)