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The Casablanca project explored how media space concepts could be incorporated into households and family life. This effort included prototypes built for the researchers' own home use, field studies of households, and consumer testing of design concepts. A number of previously unreported consumer preferences and concerns were uncovered and incorporated into(More)
OBJECTIVES Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project is a 3-year community-based, primary prevention program for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in a Mohawk community near Montreal, Canada. Objectives are to improve healthy eating and encourage more physical activity among elementary school children. METHODS Intervention incorporates behavior(More)
BACKGROUND With advances in genetic and genomic medicine, the optimal integration of genetic services into the health care system remains of major concern in many countries. OBJECTIVES To review the current organisation of genetic services, mostly in Europe, North America and Australia, explore emerging service delivery models, and probe challenges(More)
OBJECTIVES A prospective, observational study was undertaken to identify risk profiles of subjects regarding the recurrence of falling among community-dwelling seniors using home-care services. METHODS A convenience sample of 868 community-dwelling older persons, aged 65 years or older, who use home-care services offered by public community-based centres(More)
This study was undertaken to analyze how the way young, recently immigrated, families utilize health services evolves over time. Twenty families participated in the study. They all included at least one child of preschool age, had immigrated less than 8 years previously, and had used primary healthcare services since their arrival. A triphasic pattern of(More)
OBJECTIVE Harmful effects of short postpartum hospital stays include dehydration and malnutrition of breastfed infants. These may be prevented by adequate breastfeeding frequency; however, rigorous research to determine the relative effectiveness of various follow-up strategies in supporting breastfeeding frequency is absent. This study addressed the(More)
OBJECTIVES This article examines factors influencing satisfaction with support services of caregivers of frail older adults and determines what types of support services are associated with greater satisfaction, controlling for frail individual and caregiver characteristics. METHODS The study includes 291 frail older adults-caregiver dyads from Montreal(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies have concluded that Native North American children have higher proportions of overweight and obesity than children from the general North American population. This study presents anthropometric data on a representative sample of children from the Mohawk Nation that can be used for comparison with other Native American populations.(More)
OBJECTIVE Communication between cancer patients and healthcare providers is recognized as an important aspect of these patients' health-related quality of life (HRQOL). Nevertheless, no study has examined whether perceived communication between physicians and breast cancer patients is a determining factor in their HRQOL along the disease's trajectory. This(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to understand how adults living with asthma deal with their chronic illness, perceive self-management and develop self-care strategies. METHODS 24 in-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted in Montreal, Canada with low- and middle-income adults living with asthma. The interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed for(More)