Nicole Koehler

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Between March 2002 and August 2003 as part of the research project "Patients as partners -- tumour patients and their participation in medical decisions" tumour patients undergoing palliative therapy (n=272) were interviewed and asked about their level of information, their desired place to die and whether they had prepared an advance directive.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients generally have positive attitudes regarding being examined by a supervised medical student as part of their medical care. However, it is difficult to obtain model patients for students to examine purely for teaching purposes (i.e. in the absence of medical treatment). AIMS This study explored the effects of participants' demographics,(More)
BACKGROUND Peer physical examinations (PPEs) are often used to enhance medical students' clinical examination skills. Previous research indicates that there are several issues of concern regarding PPEs suggesting that it is important to have a PPE policy in place to respond to these issues appropriately. However, it is unknown as to how many Australian(More)
A survey of medical graduates commencing employment as junior doctors was performed to investigate knowledge of bloodborne viruses and occupational exposure management, coupled with their experience of occupational exposures. There was a mismatch between general knowledge (excellent) and knowledge of postexposure management (poor), and graduates had(More)
The Monash University medical law tutorial program was implemented in 2002. A major aim of this program is to enable medical students to recognise and understand their legal obligations in clinical practice, thereby improving clinical standards and contributing to better patient outcomes. The present study examined whether, from a graduate perspective, the(More)
Australia will continue to face a general practitioner (GP) shortage unless a significant number of medical students make general practice their chosen career. Perceptions regarding general practice may influence career choices. Thus this study investigated what Australian medical students perceived to be the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a(More)
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