Nicole Jones

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Antimicrobials are effective agents used to combat virulent bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections that may otherwise cause rampant disease leading to skyrocketing social/economic costs and possible epidemic morbidity and mortality rates. Antibiotics are designed to attack specific bacterial pathogens but, in the process, indiscreetly reduce the number of(More)
The effects of salinity and temperature on the toxicity of copper to 1-day and 7-day-old larvae of Hediste diversicolor were tested using factorial analysis. Mortality of larvae was influenced by salinity, temperature, and copper, but 1-day-old larvae were more susceptible than the 7-day-old larvae. Resistance to copper increased with age. Low(More)
BACKGROUND During a mass gathering, some participants may receive health care for injuries or illnesses that occur during the event. In-event first responders provide initial assessment and management at the event. However, when further definitive care is required, municipal ambulance services provide additional assessment, treatment, and transport of(More)
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