Nicole Jackman

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The myelin sheath is an extension of the oligoddendrocyte (OL) plasma membrane enriched in lipids that ensheaths the axons of the central and peripheral nervous system. Here, we review the involvement of glycosphingolipids in myelin/OL functions, including the regulation of OL differentiation, lipid raft-mediated trafficking and signaling, and neuron-glia(More)
An outbreak of acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis occurred among residents and staff in a nursing home in Baltimore, Maryland, in December 1980. A total of 101 residents and 69 staff members were surveyed by questionnaire. The attack rate (defined as acute onset of vomiting or two or more loose stools per 24 hours) was 46% in each group. Illness was brief(More)
Salmonella enteritidis ser. enteritidis was isolated from patrons and employees of three restaurants in a restaurant chain in Maryland during August and September 1985. Isolates from all three restaurants had identical plasmid profiles; this profile was present in 13 of 40 randomly selected S. enteritidis isolates received by the Maryland state health(More)
Data from 1271 patients with perennial rhinitis has been assessed. This condition predominantly affects children and young adults; 31-5% stated that symptoms first appeared before the age of 10 years, less than 10% were aged 50 years or more suggesting that the disease process may well disappear in later life. The total sample size was equally divided(More)
The haptic of a semiflexible anterior chamber intraocular lens (Kelman Quadraflex) broke inside the eye of a 70-year-old man. No history of major eye or head trauma could be elicited from the patient. Clinical manifestations included inferior corneal edema progressing toward the optical axis resulting from a free-floating haptic segment of the lens implant(More)
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