Nicole J. Martin

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This paper describes the development, psychometric properties, and construct and incremental validity of a Headache-Specific Locus of Control Scale (HSLC). The HSLC is a 33 item scale designed specifically for recurrent headache sufferers. It assesses the individual's perceptions that headache problems and headache relief are determined primarily by: the(More)
Clinical management of neonates with Trisomy 18 depends on a knowledge of life expectancy. True estimates of potential life span are required for genetic counselling purposes when parents interpret the genetic threat, not only in terms of the mathematical odds involved, but also in terms of the quality and length of life of an affected infant, should such(More)
Three patients with accessory small ring chromosomes derived from chromosome 1 are presented together with additional clinical details and cytogenetic analyses of a previously reported patient. Cytogenetic analysis was undertaken by FISH using a reverse painting probe generated from one of the patients by microdissection of the r(1) chromosome and with a(More)
BACKGROUND Post-traumatic stress disorder is a well recognised condition which can have long-term consequences. A rail accident to commuter trains in south London provided an opportunity, within the context of a Psychological Therapies Service, to study the prevalence and associations of the condition in a follow-up study. METHOD Postal questionnaires(More)
Seven healthy male volunteers had their light sensitivity (melatonin suppression) and melatonin phase measured before and after treatment with temazepam (20 mg) for 7 days. Temazepam did not alter the circadian phase of melatonin secretion (the Dim Light Melatonin Onset, the timing of the peak of secretion), the total melatonin secretion nor the sensitivity(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to investigate the secretion profile of melatonin and seasonal affective disorder before and after treatment with fluoxetine. METHOD A six-week case-controlled study with repeated overnight blood sampling was conducted. Ten patients fulfilling the criteria for major depressive disorder, seasonal type, with a 29-item Hamilton(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE Warfarin, an oral anticoagulant, which has been in clinical use for over sixty years, remains a challenge for clinicians to utilize, given the multiplicity of items which can limit its efficacy. Our objective is to review the evidence and comment on whether INR control can be better than has been currently reported in various(More)
This paper describes the development, construct and discriminant validity, and incremental utility of a headache self-efficacy scale. The Headache Self-Efficacy Scale is a 51 item scale designed specifically for recurrent headache sufferers. It assesses individuals' belief that they are able to do the things necessary to prevent a moderately painful(More)