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The terpenoid indole alkaloids are one of the major classes of plant-derived natural products and are well known for their many applications in the pharmaceutical, fragrance and cosmetics industries. Hairy root cultures are useful for the production of plant secondary metabolites because of their genetic and biochemical stability and their rapid growth in(More)
We compared the ability of different plant-based expression platforms to produce geraniol, a key metabolite in the monoterpenoid branch of the terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis pathway. A geraniol synthase gene isolated from Valeriana officinalis (VoGES) was stably expressed in different tobacco systems. Intact plants were grown in vitro and in the(More)
The growing demand for the antitumorous agent paclitaxel and the difficulty in increasing its production by genetic engineering has prompted a search for new sources of taxanes. It has been reported that taxanes can be extracted from the angiosperm Corylus avellana L. Our aim was to improve taxane production by scaling up the process from mL-level to(More)
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