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Locality-sensitive hashing scheme based on p-stable distributions
A novel Locality-Sensitive Hashing scheme for the Approximate Nearest Neighbor Problem under lp norm, based on p-stable distributions that improves the running time of the earlier algorithm and yields the first known provably efficient approximate NN algorithm for the case p<1.
Matroids, secretary problems, and online mechanisms
An O(log k)-competitive algorithm for general matroids (where k is the rank of the matroid), and constant-competitive algorithms for several special cases including graphicMatroids, truncated partition matroIDS, and bounded degree transversal matroid algorithms are presented.
A Simple and Approximately Optimal Mechanism for an Additive Buyer
This work considers a monopolist seller with n heterogeneous items, facing a single buyer, and shows that for any distributions, the better of item and bundle pricing is a constant-factor approximation to the optimal revenue.
A Knapsack Secretary Problem with Applications
Using the random-order assumption, a constant-competitive algorithm for arbitrary weights and values is designed, as well as a e- competitive algorithm for the special case when all weights are equal (i.e., the multiple-choice secretary problem).
Marriage, honesty, and stability
It is shown that the game with complete information has an equilibrium in which a (1 - o(1)) fraction of the strategies are truthful in expectation, and in the more realistic setting of a game of incomplete information, the set of truthful strategies form a ( 1 + o (1)-approximate Bayesian-Nash equilibrium.
Limitations of cross-monotonic cost sharing schemes
This paper investigates the limitations imposed by the cross-monotonicity property on cost-sharing schemes for several combinatorial optimization games including edge cover, vertex cover, set cover, metric facility location, maximum flow, arborescence packing, and maximum matching, and develops a novel technique based on the probabilistic method for proving upper bounds on the budget-balance factor ofCross-monotonic cost sharing schemes.
Semantic similarity between search engine queries using temporal correlation
This work defines a new measure of the temporal correlation of two queries based on the correlation coefficient of their frequency functions, and develops a method of efficiently finding the highest correlated queries for a given input query using far less space and time than the naive approach.
Dynamics of bid optimization in online advertisement auctions
We consider the problem of online keyword advertising auctions among multiple bidders with limited budgets, and study a natural bidding heuristic in which advertisers attempt to optimize their
Recharging Bandits
A PTAS is developed for the underlying optimization problem of determining a reward-maximizing sequence of arm pulls and it is shown how to use this PTAS in a learning setting to obtain sublinear regret.