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A description of noncollinear magnetism in the framework of spin-density functional theory is presented for the exact exchange energy functional which depends explicitly on two-component spinor orbitals. The equations for the effective Kohn-Sham scalar potential and magnetic field are derived within the optimized effective potential (OEP) framework. With(More)
Functionals of the one-body reduced density matrix (1-RDM) are routinely minimized under Coleman's ensemble N-representability conditions. Recently, the topic of pure-state N-representability conditions, also known as generalized Pauli constraints, received increased attention following the discovery of a systematic way to derive them for any number of(More)
We consider necessary conditions for the one-body reduced density matrix (1RDM) to correspond to a triplet wave function of a two-electron system. The conditions concern the occupation numbers and are different for the high spin projections, Sz = ±1, and the Sz = 0 projection. Hence, they can be used to test if an approximate 1RDM functional yields the same(More)
An approximation for the exchange-correlation energy of reduced-density-matrix-functional theory was recently derived from a study of the homogeneous electron gas [N. N. Lathiotakis, N. Helbig, and E. K. U. Gross, Phys. Rev. B 75, 195120 (2007)]. In the present work, we show how this approximation can be extended appropriately to finite systems, where the(More)
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