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Viral diversity and life cycles are poorly understood in the human gut and other body habitats. Phages and their encoded functions may provide informative signatures of a human microbiota and of microbial community responses to various disturbances, and may indicate whether community health or dysfunction is manifest after apparent recovery from a disease(More)
When each of the 32 fecal VLP-associated viromes, sequenced to an average depth of 7.8±2.9 Mb (per sample) was used to query the 12 microbiomes sampled to an average depth of 92.2 ± 17.5 Mb, we noted that 55.8±32.4 % (mean ± SD) of viral sequences generated from the VLP preps from a given human host were detectable in that individual's sequenced fecal(More)
1. Adamec, R. 1994. Modelling anxiety disorders following chemical exposures. Statement on multiple chemical hypersensitivity syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, environmental tobacco smoke, and indoor air quality. Odor aversion of multiple chemical sensitivities: recommendation for a name change and description of successful behavioral medicine(More)
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