Nicole Hance

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Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) polymerase gamma (Polg) is a heterodimeric enzyme containing a Pol I-like catalytic core (PolgA) and an accessory subunit. Mutations in POLGA, affecting the stability of mtDNA, have been identified in several human pathologies such as progressive external ophthalmoplegia and Alpers' syndrome. Extensive literature shows(More)
The mitochondrial genotype of heteroplasmic human cell lines containing the pathological np 3243 mtDNA mutation, plus or minus its suppressor at np 12300, has been followed over long periods in culture. Cell lines containing various different proportions of mutant mtDNA remained generally at a consistent, average heteroplasmy value over at least 30 wk of(More)
We performed global gene expression analyses in mouse hearts with progressive respiratory chain deficiency and found a metabolic switch at an early disease stage. The tissue-specific mitochondrial transcription factor A (Tfam) knockout mice of this study displayed a progressive heart phenotype with depletion of mtDNA and an accompanying severe decline of(More)
Mitochondrial mutations are associated with a wide spectrum of human diseases. A common class of point mutations affects tRNA genes, and mutations in the tRNA-leu(UUR) gene (MTTL1) are the most frequently detected. In earlier studies, we showed that lung carcinoma cybrid cells containing high levels (greater than 95%) of mutated mtDNA from a patient with(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate clinical, biochemical, and genetic features in 7 probands (a total of 11 patients) with nicotine-amide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) dehydrogenase (complex I) deficiency. We screened the mitochondrial DNA for mutations and found pathogenic mutations in complex I genes (mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit(More)
Three novel peripheral-type benzodiazepine binding site (PBBS) ligands, NF 182, 213 and 262, along with the classically used PBBS ligands, PK 11195 and Ro5-4864, were found to inhibit, at micromolar concentrations and in dose-dependent manner, the proliferation of rat C6 glioma and human 1321N1 astrocytoma, without being cytotoxic. This antiproliferative(More)
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