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We identified a physical complex consisting of Mtw1p, an established kinetochore protein, with Nnf1p, Nsl1p and Dsn1p and have demonstrated that Nnf1p, Nsl1p and Dsn1p localize to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae kinetochore. When challenged prior to metaphase, the temperature-sensitive mutants nsl1-16 and nsl1-42 as well as Nsl1p-depleted cells failed to(More)
The extracellular domains of the human and mouse interferon-gamma receptors were produced in insect Spodoptera frugiperda cells infected with recombinant baculoviruses and in mammalian Chinese-hamster-ovary cells. The receptors expressed in both systems are secreted into the culture medium. Their signal peptides are cleaved off and the proteins show(More)
Inducible gene expression is a powerful tool for basic research, gene therapy and biotechnology, whose utility depends in part on consistent levels of induction regardless of metabolic status or physiological context. Here we examined the inducibility of the ecdysone receptor-based RheoSwitch mammalian inducible expression system in proliferating cells and(More)
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