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BACKGROUND Craniopharyngiomas are tumorous embryogenic malformations. As the survival rate after craniopharyngioma is high (92 %), prognosis and quality of life (QoL) in survivors mainly depend on adverse late effects such as obesity. PATIENTS AND METHODS We analyzed 214 children and adolescents with craniopharyngioma. The records of 185 patients (86 %)(More)
The only causative treatment for IgE-mediated allergies is allergen-specific immunotherapy. However, fewer than 5% of allergy patients receive immunotherapy because of its long duration and risk of allergic side effects. We aimed at enhancing s.c. immunotherapy by direct administration of allergen into s.c. lymph nodes. The objective was to evaluate safety(More)
BACKGROUND In an effort to intensify osteosarcoma therapy, systemic ifosfamide was added pre- and postoperatively to an already aggressive three-drug regimen. In a subgroup of patients, loco-regional treatment intensification was attempted by using the intraarterial route to give cisplatin. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients < or = 40 years at diagnosis of a(More)
BACKGROUND B-type CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (ODN) is currently used in clinical trials because of its prolonged half-life, which is due to its phosphorothioate backbone. A-type CpG ODN is a stronger inducer of IFN but has an unstable phosphodiester backbone that has so far prohibited its clinical use. However, upon association with virus-like particles(More)
BACKGROUND Histologic subtypes of standard histology Wilms' tumor (WT) and the effect of preoperative therapy on their clinical and histologic features, deserve to be analysed in respect to outcome to find an adequate baseline for therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The German Society of Paediatric Oncology & Haematology enrolled patients from January 1989 to(More)
In patients with early head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), occult lymph node metastasis is difficult to predict by clinical or pathological parameters. However, such parameters are necessary to select patients either for elective neck dissection or the sentinel lymph node (SLN) procedure. The membrane glycoprotein podoplanin is normally expressed(More)
Clear cell sarcoma of the kidney (CCSK) is a rare renal tumour that is observed most often in children under 3years of age. Only a few large series of CCSK have been reported and patients with CCSK are often included among patients with other types of childhood renal tumours. The purpose of this paper is to review the published series and case reports of(More)
DICER1 is crucial for embryogenesis and early development. Forty different heterozygous germline DICER1 mutations have been reported worldwide in 42 probands that developed as children or young adults, pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB), cystic nephroma (CN), ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors (especially Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor [SLCT]), and/or multinodular(More)
In study NHL-BFM 90, we investigated whether the serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) concentration and early response are useful markers for stratification of therapy for childhood B-cell neoplasms in addition to stage, if the outcome of patients with abdominal stage III and LDH >/=500 U/L can be improved by high-dose (HD) methotrexate (MTX) at 5 g/m(2)(More)
BACKGROUND Preradiation chemotherapy could be beneficial in malignant brain tumors, because the blood-brain tumor-barrier is disrupted after surgery, bone marrow recovery--essential for intense chemotherapy--is still intact, and CNS toxicity and ototoxicity of active drugs are lower before irradiation of a child's brain. PATIENTS AND METHODS A neoadjuvant(More)