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Situating Women: Gender Politics and Circumstance in Fiji
Since the time of decolonisation in Fiji, women’s organisations have navigated a complex political terrain. While they have stayed true to the aim of advancing women’s status, their work has beenExpand
'It was a town of friendship and mud': 'Flood talk', community, and resilience
This article combines autoethnographic and ethnographic methods to examine the relationship between community and disaster resilience. My analysis draws from personal experience of flood recovery inExpand
Contending Masculinities and the Limits of Tolerance: Sexual Minorities in Fiji
Despite the fact that Fiji is one of only a handful of states to have given constitutional recognition to the rights of sexual minorities in its most recent constitution enacted in 1998, controversyExpand
Promoting Women, Peace and Security in the Pacific Islands: hot conflict/slow violence
How has the Women, Peace and Security agenda been advanced in the Pacific Islands? While some observers argue that this region suffers from a contagion of unrest, violence and state weakness, theseExpand
‘Just like your Mother?’ the Politics of Feminism and Maternity in the Pacific Islands
The varied extents to which maternal images are invoked by women activists in the Pacific Islands and the way in which theses varied articulations of motherhood are shaped by broader, contextualExpand
Advocacy or Activism: Gender Politics in Fiji
This paper asks whether new insights can be gained by differentiating between advocacy and activism when examining the work of civil society organisations in relation to gender equality. TheExpand
Pacific Women Building Peace: A Regional Perspective
Contemporary analysis of Pacific Islands regionalism is commonly focused on the institutional realm and examines how frameworks of regional governance have evolved and been strengthened. ThisExpand
Experimental construction of hunter-gatherer residential features, mobility, and the costs of occupying “persistent places”
Abstract Temporal and caloric costs associated with building common hunter-gatherer residential features – housefloors, housepits, storage pits, rock rings, and various types of wickiups – areExpand
Gender and Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific
Preface: How Jindy Pettman Redrew My Mental Map C.Enloe PART I: 'LIVING IN THE MARGINS': GENDERING THE GLOBAL Critical Feminist International Relations in the Asia-Pacific B.D'Costa & K.Lee-KooExpand