Nicole Gabillat

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Expression of trout anion exchanger 1 (tAE1) in Xenopus oocyte led to the stimulation of a Na(+)- and Cl(-)-dependent Rb influx. Functional features and pharmacological data strongly suggest that this Rb influx is mediated by the endogenous Na-K-2Cl (NKCC) co-transporter. The functional relationship between expression of tAE1 and activation of the NKCC(More)
It was previously shown that expressed in Xenopus oocyte the trout (tAE1) and the mouse (mAE1) anion exchangers behave differently: both elicit anion exchange activity but only tAE1 induces a transport of organic solutes correlated with an anion conductance. In order to identify the structural domains involved in the induction of tAE1 channel activity,(More)
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