Nicole Ernst

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20 male and female patients with type II hyperlipoproteinaemia and 10 normal male and female subjects were fed for 11--15 days a eucaloric diet containing less than 300 mg cholesterol with a polyunsaturated to saturated fatty-acid ratio of about 2.0. Male subjects and patients and female patients showed statistically significant decreases in plasma total(More)
Contemporary computer-assisted technologies can support the surgical team in the treatment of patients affected by dentofacial deformities. Based on own experiences of 350 patients that received orthognathic surgery by the same team from 2007 to 2015, this clinical review is intended to give an overview of the results and risks related to the surgical(More)
CONTEXT The management of severe maxillary constriction can be challenging. For that purpose surgically assisted maxillary expansion by transpalatal distraction (TPD) can typically be recommended after skeletal maturity. However in selected cases bone borne transpalatal distraction devices can contribute to improve maxillary constriction considerably(More)
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