Nicole Eling

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Since Facebook has opened its platform to third-party developers, privacy concerns surrounding applications are mounting. By granting “permission” to an app request, users allow app providers to circumvent their privacy settings endangering their own privacy and that of their friends. Considering a rising use of Facebook apps and a paucity of research in(More)
Despite a rapidly increasing number of third-party applications on Facebook and, as a consequence, exploding concerns regarding their data handling practices, little is understood about the rationale behind app installation decisions. Following a Grounded Theory approach and drawing on the results of 20 interviews and textual responses of 392 subjects, we(More)
The market for smartphone applications is steadily growing. Unfortunately, along with this growth, the number of malicious applications is increasing as well. To identify this malware, various automatic code-analysis tools have been developed. These tools are able to assess the risk associated with a specific app. However, informing users about these(More)
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