Nicole E Martinez

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RÉSUMÉ Hormis quelques exceptions, la plupart des travaux consacrés à l'évaluation en traduc-tion ne tiennent compte que d'un seul domaine de la traduction, celui des textes littérai-res et sacrés. Or, ce champ de recherche concerne aussi deux autres domaines qui, comme le précédent, ont leurs particularités : l'évaluation dans l'exercice de la profession(More)
Although the elaborate combination of histone and non-histone protein complexes defines chromatin organization and hence regulates numerous nuclear processes, the role of chromatin organizing proteins remains unexplored at the organismal level. The highly abundant, multifunctional, chromatin-associated protein and transcriptional coactivator positive(More)
The occupational external radiation dose to human medical personnel from positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals has been documented, but to date no corresponding veterinary staff dose data are available. Electronic personal dosimeters (EPDs) were used in this study to measure the per-patient external radiation doses to veterinary staff(More)
Iodine-131 is a major component of the atmospheric releases following reactor accidents, and the passage of (131)I through food chains from grass to human thyroids has been extensively studied. By comparison, the fate and effects of (131)I deposition onto lakes and other aquatic systems have been less studied. In this study we: (1) reanalyze 1960s data from(More)
Batch sorption experiments were conducted with 0.5-50 ppb 99Tc, 133Cs, 237Np and U in the presence and absence of citrate and/or oxalate in a 25 g/L Savannah River Site (SRS) soil suspension. Citrate and oxalate were the ligands of choice due to their relevancy to plant exudates, the nuclides were selected for their wide range of biogeochemical behavior,(More)
The Human Monitoring Laboratory (HML) has created five new voxel phantoms that can be used for Monte Carlo simulations. Three phantoms were created from computer tomography image sets that were obtained from facilities in Italy and the USA: a human male and the male canines. Two other phantoms were constructed from commercially available software that is(More)
This paper discusses an approach for engaging radiation protection professionals in the ethical aspects of decision-making, with discussion on how this approach fits in with the existing system of radiological protection. It explores finding common ground between ethical and scientific theory, how to present relevant moral theory in accessible language, and(More)
Several studies have been conducted concerning the radiation dose to hospital personnel from positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals, but to date only one parallel study has been conducted for veterinary staff. Veterinary patients present challenges not encountered with human patients, as they require anesthesia and therefore more intensive(More)
The rapidly changing demographics of the United States workforce include a large number of women and members of minority groups that are currently underrepresented in science and engineering-related education and careers. Recent research indicates that while singular incidents of sexism do exist, gender bias more often affects women in various subtle ways.(More)
After the Great Recession, there has been speculation as to whether it is possible to effectively detect systemic risk in the financial sector in order to guide macroprudential policy. This paper explores how aggregate indicators may be significant in forecasting banking crises among and across advanced economies. The paper begins by reviewing financial(More)