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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence and correlates of psychiatric disorders among preschool children in a primary care pediatric sample. METHOD In a two-stage design, 3,860 preschool children were screened; 510 received fuller evaluations. RESULTS For quantitative assessment of disorder (> or = 90th percentile), prevalence of behavior problems was(More)
Dichotomizing sensory axons have been demonstrated in a number of species and are of significance in understanding the possible mechanisms underlying referred pain. The present study reviews work employing fluorescent dyes as tracers to demonstrate afferent dichotomization in the peripheral nervous system. Dichotomization between the intercostal and(More)
Several ethical considerations emerge when conducting research with memory-impaired individuals, including the individuals' ability to comprehend and accurately respond to survey questions. However, little empirical research exists on how to format surveys to decrease cognitive demands, thereby allowing researchers to more accurately survey this population.(More)
1. Unanaesthetized, female white laboratory rats were subjected to almost square-wave changes in ambient temperature, from 20 degrees C to 35 degrees C, in a small climatic chamber. 2. Intracerebroventricular injections of serotonin and methysergide were made in shivering, unanaesthetized rats. 3. The integrated electromyogram of m. suprascapularis was(More)
The usefulness of rhodamine-labelled latex microspheres (RLM) as a marker for studying intracellular transport in peripheral nerves has been investigated in the intercostal and sciatic nerves of the rat. Suspensions of microspheres were injected into peripheral nerves, and after periods of survival ranging from 24 to 240 h, the nerves and dorsal root(More)
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