Nicole D Smith

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Patients with bone cancer report severe pain and receive mu-opioids. We developed a family of peptidomimetic delta-agonists, one of which H2N-Tyr-dVal-Gly-Phe-Ala-OH ([dVal(L)2,Ala(L)5]E) binds with a 1700x affinity at the delta versus mu receptor. To examine the systemic analgesic efficacy of this delta-agonist versus morphine in osteosarcoma pain,(More)
[Reaction: see text] Enantiocontrolled synthesis of alpha-methyl amino acids proceeds via the regioselective organocuprate opening of Bn2N-alpha-methylserine-beta-lactone. From this chiral intermediate, a wide variety of alpha-methyl amino acids and building blocks were synthesized in excellent yields.
DNA repair has long been considered impossible in human spermatozoa due to the high level of DNA compaction observed in these cells. However, detailed examination of the base excision repair pathway in human spermatozoa has revealed the presence of an enzyme critical to this pathway, OGG1. This glycosylase was associated with the sperm nucleus and(More)
A century has passed since Emil Fischer won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. From his first synthesis of glycyl-glycine in 1901 he has been a luminary to peptide chemists over the past 100 years. In this paper, a brief summary of some of the major accomplishments in peptide chemistry will be covered followed by a description of several of our own endeavours in(More)
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