Nicole D. Sintov

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Early interventions for youth with high rates of alcohol use have often suffered from lack of willing participation due to negative stereotypes about treatment and the impression that alcohol interventions are not developmentally relevant for adolescents. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a school-based voluntary secondary intervention for alcohol(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression and alcohol dependence co-occur within individuals and families to a higher than expected degree. This study investigated whether mood-related drinking motives mediate the association between major depression and alcohol dependence, and what the genetic and environmental bases are for this relationship. METHODS The sample(More)
Alcohol dependence (AD) is clinically and etiologically heterogeneous. The goal of this study was to explore AD subtypes among a sample of 1221 participants in the Irish Affected Sib Pair Study of Alcohol Dependence, all of whom met DSM-IV criteria for AD. Variables used to identify the subtypes included major depressive disorder, antisocial personality(More)
Smart grid systems aim to provide a more stable and adaptable electricity infrastructure, and to maximize energy efficiency. Grid-linked technologies vary widely in form and function, but generally share common potentials: to reduce energy consumption via efficiency and/or curtailment, to shift use to off-peak times of day, and to enable distributed storage(More)
OBJECTIVE Individuals with alcohol dependence (AD) are at increased risk for developing dependence on illicit and prescription drugs. The goal of this cross-sectional study was to identify factors associated with drug dependence among individuals with AD. METHOD The sample consisted of 855 adults from the Irish Affected Sib Pair Study of Alcohol(More)
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