Nicole Capozzoli

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We studied the epidemiology of giant cell arteritis (GCA) and polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) in a Mediterranean population. Ninety-nine patients with PMR and/or GCA were identified over a 9-year period (1980-1988) in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The average annual incidence of PMR and GCA was 12.7/100,000 and 6.9/100,000, respectively, in a population aged 50 years(More)
The radiological changes of the cervical spine were evaluated in 57 patients with psoriatic arthritis and were correlated with clinical, radiological, and immunogenetic features of the disease. Forty patients (70%) showed radiological evidence of the cervical spine being affected by the disease. Two patterns of cervical spine abnormalities were noted.(More)
Fifty-two patients with psoriatic arthritis (PA), treated with auranofin (AF), were entered into a one year prospective, open study. The total group showed a significant increase in frequency of HLA antigens A1 and B38, and a reduction of B5 when compared to healthy controls. There was a remission or an important improvement of disease in the 51 % of 45(More)
Human language tends to be associated with circuitry in the left cerebral hemisphere, regardless of individual hand dominance. This may have resulted from the coevolution of language and dexterous manipulation, specifically the use of the dominant hand to direct forces and point to objects in the environment. Asymmetric manipulation of physical objects(More)
Contralateral central nervous control may be an evolutionary consequence of dependence on the image-forming eye, especially in large organisms. As a result of the topological transformation of the visual stimulus in the pupillary eye, the external environmental hemispace impinges directly upon the contralateral internal organismal hemispace. Selective(More)
Contrast echocardiography is useful to visualize the endocardial borders of the left ventricle and improve the signal intensity of spectral Doppler signals. It can also help to define intracardiac flow dynamics in complex situations. We report 2 cases where contrast echocardiography improved the delineation of complex shunts and also provided new(More)
A new case of association between Bartter's syndrome and chondrocalcinosis is reported. The patient was shown to have marked hypomagnesemia. Indomethacin and magnesium therapy was started and resulted in increased magnesemia, even if it did not reach normal levels. There was complete remission of articular symptoms and no progression on the radiological(More)
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