Nicole Blümer

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We identified and characterized the don juan gene (dj) of Drosophila melanogaster. The don juan gene codes for a sperm specific protein component with an unusual repetitive six amino acid motif (DPCKKK) in the carboxy-terminal part of the protein. The expression of Don Juan is limited to male germ cells where transcription of the dj gene is initiated during(More)
The pre- and postnatal environment may represent a window of opportunity for allergy and asthma prevention, and the hygiene hypothesis implies that microbial agents may play an important role in this regard. Using the cowshed-derived bacterium Acinetobacter lwoffii F78 together with a mouse model of experimental allergic airway inflammation, this study(More)
The Drosophila don juan (dj) gene encodes a basic protein that is expressed solely in the male germline and shows structural similarities to the linker histone H1. Don Juan is located in two different subcellular structures: in the nucleus during the phase of chromatin condensation and later in the mitochondrial derivatives starting with spermatid(More)
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