Nicole Bandow

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The aim of this paper is the presentation of a measurement station to determine the anticipation skills in combat sports. Therefore technologies of virtual reality (VR) are being used which create sports specific stimuli. An advantage of this measurement station is that stimuli are visually three dimensional and can be created standardized. Whereas a high(More)
Anticipation is an important performance factor in karate kumite. A new approach analysing anticipation in realistic combat situations by motion capturing with a high temporal resolution is presented. The advantage of this approach is that both karate athletes interacting sports specific can be recorded synchronously; thus, the presented method has the(More)
In sporting activities the early detection of opponent activities often decides about win and defeat. In this paper a research methodology for the analysis of anticipation of attacks in karate sport is developed. Here, methods of spatial and temporal occlusion are used. During the preliminary work, essential hypothesis were put forward with the aim to(More)
Perception and anticipation are important determinants in karate sports. Using the temporal and spatial occlusion technique in video presentations is a common method to determine anticipatory cues but the lack of information about depth in video presentations seems to affect the results. The aim of this study is to compare the responses of karate athletes(More)
Virtual reality offers many advantages for standardized experimental setups as well as for manipulating selected parameters. This study describes the development of a three dimensional virtual environment for sports as well as the evaluation of its effectiveness by means of a comparative test. The test consists of measuring the participants’ (n=33) mean(More)
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