Nicole B Arweiler

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BACKGROUND There is confusion over the definition of the term "viability state(s)" of microorganisms. "Viability staining" or "vital staining techniques" are used to distinguish live from dead bacteria. These stainings, first established on planctonic bacteria, may have serious shortcomings when applied to multispecies biofilms. Results of staining(More)
Enterococci have gained significance as the cause of nosocomial infections; they occur as food contaminants and have also been linked to dental diseases. E. faecalis has a great potential to spread virulence as well as antibiotic resistance genes via horizontal gene transfer. The integration of food-borne enterococci into the oral biofilm in-vivo has been(More)
Introduction Dental materials are o en suspected to be the caus-ative agent in contact allergic reactions [1, 2, 3, 4]. However, typical morphological correlates are not always found in the oral mucosa. Allergic contact stomatitis generally presents clinically as in ltrated erythema with or without erosions. Having said that, contact allergies occasionally(More)
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