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Continental rifts begin and develop through repeated episodes of faulting and magmatism, but strain partitioning between faulting and magmatism during discrete rifting episodes remains poorly documented. In highly evolved rifts, tensile stresses from far-field plate motions accumulate over decades before being released during relatively short time intervals(More)
On 17 th January 2002, Nyiragongo erupted along an approximately 20 km long fracture network extending from the volcano to the city of Goma and its airport. The event was captured by InSAR data from the ERS-2 and RADARSAT-1 satellites acquired in three different geometries. These data show complex ground displacements, with several overlapping fringe(More)
Radar interferometry has proven to be a very suitable, low-cost and accurate tool to measure surface displacements. We investigate several data fusion or time-series analysis strategies which aim to mitigate C-band InSAR restrictions for volcano deformation monitoring applications. The focus is on active African volcanic areas. Firstly, data fusion of(More)
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