Nicolas Zimmermann

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The solution structures of the lantibiotics duramycin B in H2O/2H2O (9:1) and duramycin C in (2H3)acetonitrile/H2O (1:1) have been determined by NMR followed by distance-geometry and restrained-molecular-mechanics calculations. The constitution and location of three thioether bridges and a lysinoalanine ring system could be established by unambiguously(More)
The primary structure of the peptide lantibiotic actagardine was determined in (2H3)acetonitrile/H2O by homonuclear two- and three-dimensional NMR spectroscopy as well as 2D 1H(13C) correlation spectra at natural abundance. Actagardine was found to be a tetracyclic 19-residue peptide containing one lanthionine and three overlapping beta-methyllanthionine(More)
The three-dimensional solution structure of the lantibiotic actagardine was determined at high resolution by homonuclear and heteronuclear two-dimensional and three-dimensional NMR spectroscopy in [2H3]acetonitrile/H2O (7:3). 133 non-trivial distance and 22 torsional-angle constraints were derived from the NMR data. An ensemble of 15 low-energy structures(More)
Adjacent peptide segments covering the complete sequence of herpes-simplex-virus type-1 thymidine kinase (HSV1-TK) of 376 amino acids were synthesized in order to experimentally verify the three-dimensional structure of the HSV1-TK active site, which was previously determined by molecular modeling. 26 peptides have been prepared by multiple solid-phase(More)
In a previous analysis of HIV-1-specific CTLs in lymphoid organs from HIV-seropositive patients, we reported high frequencies of in vivo differentiated CTLs directed against two immunodominant regions in the central and in the C-terminal part of the HIV-1 Nef protein. The present study analyzes the epitopes recognized by CTLs in the carboxyl terminus of Nef(More)
The structure of the influenza-virus-matrix-protein (IMP) 58-66 nonapeptide, bound to the major-histocompatibility-complex-encoded human leukocyte antigen (HLA) A2 protein was studied by molecular dynamics simulation. Starting from the extra electron density map of peptides co-crystallized with HLA-A2, the nonapeptide IMP58-66 was docked residue by residue(More)
An efficient preparation of γ-lactols and methylene-γ-lactols is described. Highly acid-sensitive lactols are prepared in a concise manner by using a radical cyclization of aluminum acetals. The precursors for the radical reactions are readily prepared from allyl or propargyl alcohols and α-bromo acids. Functionalization of the resulting γ-lactols and(More)
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