Nicolas Zerounian

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Using high bandwidth resistance measurements, we study the single-shot response of tunnel junctions subjected to spin torque pulses. After the pulse onset, the switching proceeds by a ns-scale incubation delay during which the resistance is quiet, followed by a 400 ps transition terminated by a large ringing that is damped progressively. While the(More)
This paper presents the status of high-speed SiGe BiCMOS technologies at STMicroelectronics. Process and electrical characteristics of two 120-nm platforms, qualified or under development, are presented together with results demonstrated on optical and millimeter-wave circuits. Advanced developments addressing end-of-roadmap BiCMOS are also presented and(More)
We report room temperature electroluminescence of tensile-strained germanium microdisks. The strain is transferred into the microdisks using silicon nitride stressors. Carrier injection is achieved with Schottky contacts on n-type doped germanium. We show that a biaxial tensile-strain up to 0.72% can be transferred by optimizing the carrier injection(More)
We have investigated the quality factors of silicon-based photonic crystal nanocavities using the photoluminescence of a single layer of Ge/Si self-assembled islands as an internal source. We focus on membrane-type L3 elongated cavities with or without their lateral edge air holes shifted in position. The photoluminescence measurements are performed at room(More)
We demonstrate subwavelength electromagnetic resonators operating in the THz spectral range, whose spectral properties and spatial/angular patterns can be engineered in a similar way to an electronic circuit. We discuss the device concept, and we experimentally study the tuning of the resonant frequency as a function of variable capacitances and(More)
The extrinsic electrostatic capacitances of high-speed SiGe HBTs are evaluated both with measurement and modeling. Shrinking dimensions of the core of the HBT increases the influence of the extrinsic capacitance in the performances. The extrinsic capacitances are of half values compare to the intrinsic ones, limiting the cut-off frequencies f<sub>T</sub>(More)
We present the results of intrinsic transit time separation of SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT). This is performed using a reliable technique based on hydrodynamic modeling. These results are compared to the extraction of the noise transport time. This last parameter is found to be equal to the sum of the base transit time(More)
We present a detailed study of the effect of the carrier lifetime on the terahertz signal characteristics emitted by Br(+)-irradiated In(0.53)Ga(0.47)As photoconductive antennas excited by 1550 nm wavelength femtosecond optical pulses. The temporal waveforms and the average radiated powers for various carrier lifetimes are experimentally analyzed and(More)
This paper introduces some results concerning the high frequency noise analysis, along with the noise transport time (r) extraction and its impact over the microwave noise performances of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT). Our methodology of noise analysis can be extended to investigate the impact of the technological variations of the base over(More)