Nicolas Wakim

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Previous studies of the anti 8.5S progestin receptor monoclonal antibody KN 382/EC1 showed that it was specific for nontransformed progestin receptors. However, with different methods of tissue disruption and the use of protease inhibitors, we found that other nontransformed steroid receptors formed immune complexes with KN 382/EC1. Binding of the antibody(More)
Endometriosis is frequently a chronic process, which may begin soon after menarche. The process may be enhanced by mechanical obstruction. Theories of retrograde menstruation and metaplasia still remain in vogue. Endometriosis is a cause of both acute and chronic pelvic pain in the adolescent. We present case reports of müllerian lateral wall fusion defects(More)
Triiodothyronine has been found to enhance gonadotropin- and insulin-stimulated morphologic luteinization and progesterone production by porcine granulosa cells in culture. The role of triiodothyronine in the above events is not well defined. One possibility is that triiodothyronine effects are direct and are receptor mediated. To test this concept, we(More)
Vaginal bleeding and vulvovaginitis are common clinical problems in the pediatric patient. Careful attention to historical and physical findings usually can resolve the problem at the initial visit. Knowledge of the differential diagnoses--including bacterial, nonspecific origins, dermatologic, traumatic, foreign bodies, neoplastic, urologic, precocious(More)
PURPOSE Tendinopathy is a frequent and ubiquitous disease developing early disorganized collagen fibers with neo-angiogenesis on histology. Peritendinous injection of corticosteroid is the commonly accepted strategy despite the absence of inflammation in tendinopathy. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) might be a useful strategy to rapidly accelerate healing of the(More)
The mechanisms of steroid action remain a poorly understood enigma. Although much effort has focused on the steroid receptor as a mediator of the steroid's effect in the cell, we are only beginning to understand the structure of steroid receptors. Development of monoclonal antibodies directed against both the steroid-binding "receptors" and(More)
Five human uteri of the menstrual cycle were analyzed by quantitative light microscope autoradiography to determine which uterine cell types contain prostaglandin (PG) binding sites. The results showed that stromal cells, glandular epithelium, elongated and circular smooth muscles, arterioles and erythrocytes in lumen of arterioles contained numerous PGE(More)
In this study we investigated and quantified the effects of interscalene block (ISB) on humeral arterial blood flow (HBF). Eleven patients scheduled for shoulder arthroscopic surgery under ISB were prospectively studied. A Doppler ultrasound of the humeral artery was performed before, and 30 min after, the ISB. The resistance index and the HBF were measured(More)
Endometrial biopsies were taken from 93 infertility patients registered in the Reproductive Endocrinology Clinic at the Medical College of Ohio. These endometrial specimens were assayed for nuclear and cytoplasmic progesterone receptors. Only the data from 53 normoprolactinemic euthyroid and nonhirsute patients were considered. Eighteen patients were found(More)
A prospective study evaluating tissue reactivity by light microscopic and pulse labeling-autoradiographic techniques is presented. One uterine horn of a Sprague-Dawley rat model was subjected to transection and reanastomosis using microsurgical techniques (control). The opposite horn of each was also cross-sectioned with the application of an absorbable(More)
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